What’s good, friend?

I am entirely new to this blogging thing. I have thought about doing it many times, but I end up just deleting my account because I’m pretty sure nobody will read about my weird freaking life. I wouldn’t say weird, maybe just entirely too depressing? Not sure what you would call it from an outside perspective. Jesus, I forgot to introduce myself.

I’m Keely. If you read that in your head as “Kelly”, you are extremely mistaken and I don’t think you have the best sounding-out-your-letter-sounds ability. 😉 I am from Tennessee, as you probably already know. And aside from all the racist, rebel flag waving people there, I really love my home state. Never really liked the north. Ya DARN YANKEES!!! Admittedly yes, I have a mild southern accent. People from the south don’t think it’s too heavy, but people from elsewhere think I’m a dang country bumpkin. (Note: I am NOT a country bumpkin.)

That’s my pup, Barrett.

My mom collects swords and was the singer in her own rock band, and my Dad fought in Desert Storm. My family is from Kentucky (GO BIG BLUE Y’ALL) and I have a 26 year old brother who is such a bossy diva sometimes. (In a non-gay way)

Welcome to my life. Enter…. if you dare.