When I was little, I never knew my Granny put two whole sticks of butter in her mashed potatoes. No wonder they (still) taste so good. She puts butter in EVERYTHING! That’s why her food is the greatest (aside from her always making it with love, of course). So when I started living on my own in college and had to make my own food, I couldn’t figure out why my mashed taters weren’t as good as hers. Or my fried chicken!


As I got older up until now, my brother gives me so much crap for eating unhealthy. He decided to start working out and be a health junkie in college. Ever since then, I get a daily reminder of, “God Keely, that is sooo unhealthy. You need to eat better.” But listen here, bucko. There are things in life that I want to enjoy. And the biggest thing is food. Southern food of course, and I also have a huge sweet tooth for cake and cookies. (See above — that’s what happens when you don’t let the cake cool all the way) Now my Dad recently passed from a heart attack, so I don’t eat as bad as I used to. But my dad ate so much food, and whatever he wanted. Because good food made him happy. And I tell you what, it makes me happy too dagonne it. Cheese, anything fried, potatoes, and bacon is life. There AIN’T NOTHING BETTER than coming home and fixin’ fried chicken, mashed taters, green beans (not them fancy kind you northerners eat, either), and cornbread and DON’T forget an ice cold Dr. Pepper. 😉 It’s heaven. Y’all yankees can have your bland food and pizza. We’ll stick with pounds of butter and deliciousness that makes you the wanna-take-a-nap-after kind of full. So let yourself have some fried chicken every once in a while — it’s good for the soul.


That’s why we Southerners die happy.