I take friendships very seriously. No offense to sororities, but I would never call a hundred other girls my “sisters” when I can’t depend on or trust ANY of them. That’s not just sorority girls though, that’s people in general.

You see, I take friendships and loyalty VERY seriously. You know why? Because I go the extra mile for my friends and treat them like family. I expect the exact same. And guess what? It’s not hard. It’s pretty easy, actually. Here are some reasons why most friendships fall out though, because I guess people just don’t get it:

1) Nobody means what they say.

If you tell me, “Hey Keely. If you seriously ever need me, don’t hesitate to call me. I will always be there for you,” and then I actually call you because my car won’t start or I’m having a mental breakdown then you don’t seem too interested to help me, you can consider yourself not a true friend to me. If I tell you that I will help you any way I can, I mean that. Don’t take it for granted. If you don’t mean it, just don’t say it. If you tell me you’re going to go with me to a concert, or the movies, I expect you to actually show up. I mean, who does that???????!!!

2) Friendship is a two-way street.

I don’t care to pick up the bill every once in a while, because if you’re my friend then I don’t expect you to pay for my meal. And sometimes I will pay for you without you even asking because that’s just who I am. I care about you and that’s what friends do. But if you  can’t think of one time you did something like that for me, just know I feel a little underappreciated. I don’t expect you to pay at all, but if the ratio of me paying to you is 563:1, there might be an issue. If we use my car to go places every time but not yours, just know that I don’t care to drive because I like to take care of my friends. But gas isn’t cheap, so reciprocation would be nice. If I do things that are out of my way for you, I expect the exact same back. Again, not a difficult concept.

3) Ignoring Simple Texts/Calls

This one is just straight annoying to me. Unless we’re just having some bland conversation, I ALWAYS answer texts. If I text you, especially asking you a question or telling you something important and you ignore me, I seriously feel so disrespected. Maybe that’s just me, but what reason would you have not to reply to a time-sensitive or important question??? I would never do that. I don’t get it. Straight up rude. I don’t care if I just met you or you’re my best friend. I won’t leave you hanging.

4) I can’t trust you.

This is pretty self explanatory. What really grinds my gears is if I actually tell you something that is a secret (which is really rare for me anyways, I’m pretty open), I expect you to keep it to yourself. It’s just a matter of respect. I don’t care if you think your boyfriend/other friend/mother won’t tell anybody else. It’s not about if THEY will tell anyone, it’s that I told YOU not to and you did anyway. You could tell me anything, and there is a zero percent chance I will tell anyone. Especially because my memory is awful.

5) Hanging with the wrong people.

I get so tired of seeing, “FREE MY DUDE” posts on Facebook/Twitter/etc. If you are my friend and you start doing hard drugs, stealing (especially from me), getting arrested or any ridiculous thing like that, I’ll be the first to tell you: I’m not bailing you out. You can sit your dumba** in jail. I’m not your mother, I shouldn’t have to tell you how to be a civilized adult. I don’t tolerate any of that. So I definitely won’t be hanging around you as much. Especially if you put me or my future plans in danger.