Up until this past fall, I had lived in Tennessee my whole life. Small towns like Claiborne, then to a little bit bigger area in Knoxville. You meet a lot of people, but generally you get the same kind of southern hospitality. I’ve been up north once, on a road trip with my Dad and Ida. We went in a big circle from SC where Dad lived to Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Hershey PA, Niagara Falls, Maryland, D.C., and then Virginia Beach. The north was just so…. bleh. It wasn’t that it was horrible. It’s just kind of boring, and you can feel the difference in how people interact with you. There’s just no southern hospitality. (There may be some really nice people, but my experience was kind of short and that’s all I have known.) I’ve also been to New Jersey and New York, when I had connecting flights there, and people were just so rude.

Anyway, so I guess down here in Tennessee, or in the South in general, people use a lot of sarcasm. That’s like, 90% of how I speak. I didn’t realize how much sarcasm I used until I went to Valdivia, Chile to shadow abroad. There, I met some really great (and interesting) people that were from all over the US that were in my group. I started joking around as I do so well, and my humor is literally all sarcastic remarks. Most are really just making fun of you in some fashion. That’s just normal for me. I mean heck far, my whole family is like that. My great aunt has cerebral palsy and we give her so much crap every year at Christmas. It’s all in good fun, though. It means we like you.

It’s the same for me, too. If I’m not picking on you, I don’t like you. I guess it’s my way of reaching out to bond, LOL. I think it’s important to learn to laugh at yourself once in a while. But my friends in Chile, and the people I meet in Myrtle Beach take it too seriously. :/

There was a girl in a sorority in my group in Chile, her name is Lexy. She’s from Minnesota. Already, that’s two things I can pick on you for: being northern (which to me, is equivalent to being “rich folk”) and being in a sorority (which I LOATHE). I don’t loathe her though, it’s just sororities aren’t for me.

“The Blue Room” (a bar in Valdivia that wasn’t even called that, but was how we remembered it) Pictured: (Top row, left to right) Layne, Tee (Bottom Row, left to right) Lexy, Me, Vee, Payton

When I tell you I ragged on her hind-end (that means her bottom, for you non-southerners) almost everyday about being your typical ~basic~ sorority girl who monograms everything and drinks Starbucks, I really really did. That was just me trying to have level ground, and start a friendship. She got really offended though, each time. I realized, “Holy sh**, these people don’t know how to take a good joke!!!” So I had to ease up on the sarcasm. Just a little. (Love ya, Lexy!)

I can’t stop this sarcasm madness from settling into my personality. It’s there forever. But if you aren’t from the south, you’d think I would have chopped your family’s limbs off by the way they react when I talk. I swear I’m just kidding, ya YANKEES. 😉