I know there have been hundreds of articles, blog posts, and viral pictures going around about this. I wasn’t even going to add to the pile at first, because in all honesty, nobody is going to switch sides here. You are either loving what is happening right now, or you are  absolutely disgusted.

I guess I’m just expressing my sadness for some of you.

I get if you want more border security, and that you’re sick of terrorist attacks happening, killing innocent Americans. I understand that maybe you don’t agree with Muslims or the Islamic religion. Maybe you don’t think climate change is real. And maybe you don’t agree with abortion.

But by the way I see how everyone is taking this, it truly makes my heart hurt.

The people who I once thought were kind, they are not. The people who I once thought were caring, they are not. The people who I once viewed as genuine human beings have utterly made me sick to my stomach.

You are filled with so much hatred. And it makes my heart sad.

You don’t want to be judged, but as soon as you see a woman with a hijab on, you instantly hate her. You loathe her. You think she is the reason for your slight discomfort here in the Land of the Free. All because she believes in a religion that’s different from yours.

You hate that random woman you see, just judging by her looks. She does not hate you, an upper/middle class white woman/man. She is afraid of you.

She traveled all the way to America, the country that is based on freedom and diversity, only to be living in constant fear once again by almost everyone around her.

Her daughter and husband were killed by bombs set off near her home in Syria. She was like you, sick of this war and sick of groups like ISIS ruining her life and as well as other lives. She did not want any part of this. She wanted to live happily with her family, eat dinner at the table every night, and wake up beside her soulmate. Just like you.

You say that God loves everyone, but you want every Muslim deported or dead. Which Bible do you follow? Which God wanted all Muslims shot or sent “back where they came from”?

I am sad for you. I am sad that you judge blacks, Hispanics, and people whose faith is different from yours so harshly, yet you cry when you yourself are judged. I am sad that you cannot accept other people regardless of their race, religion, or gender. I am sad that you are not loving, that you are not respectful, and that you are not acting like the God you are supposed to be following.

You may not agree with how everyone lives their life. But you see, that’s what is so great about America. You can be whatever you want. We are not just a nation of white, Jesus-loving republicans. We are nation of democrats,  we are even a nation of people who hate politics. We are a nation of atheists, of Muslims, of Buddhists, of Christians, of Jehovah’s Witnesses. We are a nation of coming together to support a cause, a nation of solidarity when we all find something to believe in.

We are a nation of freedom.

I pray everyday that the hate leaves your mind and your hearts. I hope that you will learn to love, and not judge. I wish that you will spread hope and positivity, not pure hatred and negativity. Because the hatred you pass on, does not help what you are angry about.

Your hatred only truly affects yourself.

I promise you, friend. Loving is so much easier than loathing.