Okay seriously, why is Sprite even a thing??? It’s not good. It literally tastes like carbonated water. If I had to choose between eight drinks including Sprite, I’d pick that last.

Everyone knows I have a serious love for Dr. Pepper. It fuels my best days, and fills my veins. When I don’t have it, I feel different and moody. So basically it’s like meth to me. And I’m an addict.

But I actually like Sprite now.

When I woke up in the hospital after ~the incident~, I was literally parched. I opened my eyes and my throat clenched, in dire need of some hydration.

On the outside of me, I probably looked like straight trash. Inside my head, I was afraid. Nervous. Alone. I did not know exactly where I was.

Yet again, I was surrounded by people I didn’t know in a place I didn’t want to be. It was as if I was still in my room, or sitting in class. I felt uneasy.

The nurse finally handed me a drink, after waiting there since the end of the Vietnam War, and I started drinking.

Holy sh**, I thought.

It tasted so good. I felt the charge of my good hormones racing inside me.

This is the best day ever, I thought.

Wait. Just kidding. I’m in a hospital….. right.

I desperately just needed something familiar. I felt I had everything familiar to me taken away. My clothes were gone. My phone was gone. My boyfriend was gone. Everything. I had no joy, no fulfillment, no hope to get better. Just depressing lights and monotone psychiatrists and disappointed/pity looks from strangers.

And as I drank, I forgot about all of those bad things.

It was the only thing that made me a little happy. It was something from the outside normal world. Where normal, happy people live. Where I wanted to be right then.

It was a little taste of freedom. And for three days, that’s all I had to comfort me. Sprite. Some stupid, over-sugared drink.

At work the following week, I went to get a fountain drink. (It’s free for me.)

I went straight for the Dr. Pepper, but I stopped.

Hm, Sprite.

I poured some in my cup, got my lid and straw, and drank.

I instantly felt my experience back in my brain. I was reliving it, almost. I felt comforted. I felt at peace. I felt thankful.

It reminded me of how horrid I had felt, and how much better I feel now.


…… Freakin’ Sprite. Can you believe it? Sheesh.