You ever feel like the whole world is after you, and what ever COULD go wrong in your life, does? Like you have the worst luck out of anyone because you lost your job, you’re broke, or you don’t have very many friends? (And the ones you do have are like, kind of shitty) Or maybe your relationship is failing. You are constantly arguing with your significant other and you just can’t believe the things they claim you supposedly do.

I know what you’re asking yourself, or God, or your friends and family. Why can’t I catch a break? Why does all this happen to ME? Is it so much to ask to not be broke with good people to surround myself with?

And your family and friends probably give you some BS excuse, like that it’s because some people are just born more fortunate than you, or you don’t have friends because other people don’t deserve you, or that yes, you’re right and your significant other is wrong because they “know” you better. You know, some bullshit like that.

Here’s some ground breaking news for you.

Maybe it is your fault.

Everyone in the US of A for some reason thinks that the world must owe them something. That people HAVE to be nice to you for no reason, that you DESERVE a higher paying job, that you DESERVE good friends.

You don’t deserve anything.

Anytime your life kind of sucks, I want you to take two seconds and say to yourself, “Maybe it is my fault.”

Because it probably is.

You and your boyfriend are having the same arguments over the same bullshit every week. Have you ever for once thought that maybe you are a little condescending when you speak to him, and maybe you do have a bit of a temper lately?

You complain five days a week that you’re broke as hell. You blame everyone but yourself. You blame your boss, your ex-wife, your current situation. It’s not their fault, it’s yours. They do not make your life decisions for you. Don’t complain about not getting hours at work, because when you actually do, you call out sick so many times your boss regrets his decision.

YOU are responsible for everything in your life. Stop blaming other people for your problems and fix them. Yeah, getting laid off at work sucks. Okay, accept that it sucks, then move on and find a solution. It may not be your fault that you got laid off, but YOU are totally responsible for how you react to that and move on.

I complain all the time that I have no friends. I claim that people are fake and untrustworthy, and that’s why I have none. That’s not it.

I accepted full responsibility for why this is happening. And ever since, it’s been a lot easier to pinpoint where the problem could get in the way of making a friend. So I fix it.

It isn’t anyone else’s fault that I have trouble making friends or that most people don’t seem to get me. It’s my own. Naturally, I don’t show emotion very much and I also don’t talk a lot unless I know you, or like you well enough. People tend to get on my nerves easily. It takes a whole lot for me to even trust you in the tiniest bit. I also am not outgoing. At all. I can be, but most of the time I just don’t want to be. I get mentally exhausted from listening to people speak small talk to me.

I believe that talking too much is annoying and useless, and I don’t believe in small talk or fake smiles. Well, unfortunately for me, small talk and fake smiles are kind of how this country operates.

So the fact that I really don’t have any friends, is 100% my fault. And you need to start taking responsibility, too.

If the cashier at Wendy’s didn’t smile at you when she gave you your order, maybe it’s because you have a horrible attitude for a customer. But then again, maybe she’s a stuck up bitch.

The point is, if you find yourself hating life, ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, it’s your fault. Once you accept responsibility, things can move along much quicker. A solution can be found, and oh look! Your life isn’t so bad after all.

Here’s an example of how to OWN your life and not be life’s little b*tch:

Recently I moved from Myrtle Beach, SC to Tennessee. I packed up 3/4 of my stuff (by myself) and on a Friday morning I drove almost 7 hours to my new apartment complex in Tennessee. It was move-in day.

I get to the parking lot, walk into the office and let them know I was ready. They look a little confused.

Turns out, my paperwork I sent through e-mail never went through so they didn’t have an apartment ready for me. And I wouldn’t have a room to stay in until Tuesday. (That’s four days away…)

Two things could have happened:

  1. I blame the office people, who have no idea what really was going on anyway considering they weren’t the people I talked to about signing a lease. I curse them and threaten to sue them. I demand a $300 gift card for my own inconvenience. I post a one-star review on their Facebook page because they “screwed up everything.” I am angry the whole day and take my rage out on every fast food employee I see.
  2. I take full responsibility for what happened. I sent an e-mail that never sent. I apologize and tell the office that it was probably my fault because the e-mail never sent, and not to worry about it. I leave the complex feeling disappointed, but I accept the suck and embrace it. Oh well, could be worse. My attitude is not affected by what happened and on my extra two hour drive to find a place to stay, I am loudly/happily singing tunes on the radio.

Guess which one happened. (Hint: number two)

Moral of the story, stop blaming people because your life sucks. Take responsibility, accept it, embrace the suck and find a solution.