**Any stats or numbers are all cited at the end**

You know what’s wild? Every single day, I see one Gen Xer after another complain about millennials.

“Millennials these days are so weak!!! What has this country come to?? Buncha pansies!!”

You see a bunch of 30-40 somethings log onto Facebook, and whine about millennials and how we’re “lazy”, “weak”, or “have no future”.

Here’s what’s ironic:

I see SO many Gen Xers claim that millennials are so disrespectful and rude, yet I haven’t met ONE millennial at a restaurant that was rude to me or didn’t tip me. Not one. I haven’t met ONE millennial that judged me for my beliefs. You know who has though? Gen Xers and older.

It’s odd that every single bad encounter with a customer I’ve had in the customer service industry, it’s been with a Gen Xer or older. Millennials are so weak, yet here these Gen Xers are thinking that the world revolves around them and we must praise them at their feet.

I don’t get it.

I have literally met older people who get angry and threaten others because someone disagreed with them on Facebook, or that they had too many ice cubes in their water at Ruby Tuesday.

The most riveting occurrence of dramatic irony is upon us. It’s comical at times.

Gen Xers are the main ones that believe ANY and EVERY thing they see on the news. They share articles from “facts.com” or some other bogus website that makes incredibly bold but fake claims, just because it aligns with their views. I know you’ve all seen this, right? Your old Grandpa sharing the BREAKING news story: Obama Caught Burning A Bible and You’ll NEVER Believe What Happened Next! (To the Gen Xers reading this — that didn’t happen. I just made that up.)

You see, the freaking amazing thing about us millennials is that we are a generation of thought. A generation of DOING. Of LOVING. Of SPEAKING. Of BELIEVING.

We are millennials.

We go after what we want. Because that’s what you (Gen X) taught us. You may not have believed it when you told us, but that’s quite alright. Because we believe in ourselves.

We don’t marry too quickly and have kids too young because we learned (from you, Gen X) that that’s not always the best idea.

We’re lazy, you say? Wrong. According to Belmont University, 40% or more of the freshmen that come into their entrepreneurship program have
already started businesses (A1).

We’re not smart enough??? Weird. The high school graduation rate is now 72%, which might I add is the HIGHEST level of high school completion in more than two decades (A2). There is also now more student loan debt than credit card debt (A3). Know what that means? Millennials are busting their asses trying to get higher education, even though they can’t afford it. They want more education, and a more successful and happy life.

Who do you see protesting on the news? Millennials. Who do you see going on trips to help kids in other countries? Mostly your nephew or niece and their friends (millennials). Who do you see expressing themselves more openly? You guessed it, Millennials.

And we’re damn proud of it. I don’t know if Gen Xers are a little upset because they either couldn’t speak out on their beliefs or just didn’t want to in their younger days, but it’s not like that anymore. Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce (A4). We are the future.

We protest and we express ourselves because we can. We believe in change. We believe in our peers, our closest interests, and ourselves.

We fight for what is RIGHT. And it may not even BE right! But we fight for it, because we aren’t scared to do so. We don’t sit back and keep quiet. We make our voices heard.

We accept that other people are different. (Yes, I can agree that there are some close minded millennials.) That’s the thing, though. We can accept reality. We KNOW that there are a few crazies in every bunch. Most of us know that one racist Trump supporter doesn’t make all Trump supporters racist. We know that one violent Black Lives Matter group doesn’t mean all of them are violent.

That’s a lesson you Gen Xers need to really learn.

Yeah, we may be self absorbed. But it’s a dog eat dog world, and we’re eager to accomplish our goals. We’re also extremely tolerant of other races, other cultures, you name it.

Women’s march supporter? Cool. Trump supporter? Cool. Hillary/Bernie supporter? Cool. Smoke weed? Nice. Pro abortion? Cool. Pro choice? Hey man, cool for you. Black? Mexican? Chinese? Muslim? Christian?????? Come on in, the water’s fine.

We love diversity. We hate negativity. We don’t care who you are, as long as you’re a genuine human being, we like you and respect you.

We aren’t lazy, we’re driven to succeed more than ever before. We love technology because it’s the future — and the future’s not stopping for you. We aren’t rude, we are respectful and tolerant of all genuine people. No matter what political view or ethnicity you are.

We are millennials. And we’re not getting any quieter.




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