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We Are Millennials.

**Any stats or numbers are all cited at the end** You know what's wild? Every single day, I see one Gen Xer after another complain about millennials. "Millennials these days are so weak!!! What has this country come to?? Buncha... Continue Reading →

Maybe It Is Your Fault.

You ever feel like the whole world is after you, and what ever COULD go wrong in your life, does? Like you have the worst luck out of anyone because you lost your job, you're broke, or you don't have... Continue Reading →


When it was my Dad's weekend when I was younger, we would always find time to go to the movies. We would go eat Mexican food, go into the dumpy Middlesboro mall into the Dollar Tree, buy cheap snacks, then... Continue Reading →

My (Almost) Last Words

***Attention: Sensitive material ahead*** Hi everyone.  I found this in my deleted files on my computer, and felt the need to share. I wanted to share how I was feeling and why. What my (almost) last words were. What my... Continue Reading →


Okay seriously, why is Sprite even a thing??? It's not good. It literally tastes like carbonated water. If I had to choose between eight drinks including Sprite, I'd pick that last. Everyone knows I have a serious love for Dr.... Continue Reading →

I’m Sorry.

Today I gave in to the hype, and watched the new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. I knew it would be sad, and would possibly leave me feeling some type of way, but I felt compelled to watch it. So I... Continue Reading →

Still Kickin’

  It's been a little over a month since I was hospitalized due to an attempt to end my life. I'm doing well, if you're wondering. Well, I guess. I think I'm just in one of my "up" moods in... Continue Reading →

The Giver

Before you read this, I need you to do one thing: watch The Giver. It's on Netflix. Even if you've read the book. It's not the same, I need you to watch this movie. If you go on reading this... Continue Reading →

True Life: I Suck at College

I struggle with this subject daily. It crosses my mind at least once a day. There will be times when I'll have little spurts of motivation. Like nothing can stop me, and I am bright and smart and will finish... Continue Reading →

America: Land of the… Free?

I know there have been hundreds of articles, blog posts, and viral pictures going around about this. I wasn't even going to add to the pile at first, because in all honesty, nobody is going to switch sides here. You... Continue Reading →

He’s Right.

"You just have to stop caring so much." The room was dark, but behind him there was a light on. I could only see the outline of the left side of his face and body, while the other half was... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Know What’s Best For ME.

Listen, I'll be the first one to give advice if you ask for it. Sometimes I think that I know what would be the best for my close friends or family. So I sort of understand when people give me... Continue Reading →

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